Children's Books that promotes health, wellness and teamwork is a great thing to have for all ages of kids.  Below is an outline of each book in the Healthy Kids Books children's book series.

The Mystery of the Lost Recipe

The story is about two children (Tommy and Abby) and they like to help others in their small beach community.  In the story they are on a mystery solving case to help Mr. Nut try to find find his lost recipe before the dinner party.  During their adventure they learn about nutrition, teamwork skills and how to surf.  The story has 5stars for reviews on Amazon and on Goodreads websites.  Get the book today!

The Mystery of the Lost Uniforms

The two mystery solvers are back again (Tommy and Abby) and they are trying to help the local high school basketball coach find his lost uniforms.  How does a coach lose their team's uniforms?  Get the book and find out!  During the story the two kids meet a local radio station DJ, get to talk on the radio station, meet Mr. Nut again and try to solve how and where the lost basketball uniforms might be.  Tommy and Abby need to find the lost uniforms before the big game . . . will they find the uniforms or will it be too late?

Why We Love P.E.

This story has a small debate between Tommy and Abby about why they enjoy their favorite subject in school, which is P.E. (physical education). Why do they like P.E. so much?  They explain in the story about why P.E. is important to have and how it teaches them about wellness, goal setting skills, teamwork and so much more.  The two kids go through all of their favorite sports that they get to learn in P.E. class such as: pickleball, basketball, golf, soccer and so much more!  Get the 5star children's book today.

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