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A book company by Mr. Jones – writing fun, colorful children’s books that promotes healthy living to kids of all ages.

Mr. Jones has a background in teaching elementary grades and coaching high school sports. He has taught all ages of elementary grades in many subjects including reading, math, science and Physical Education (P.E.). He loves to help kids learn and believes that all kids can learn in many different and creative ways. Mr. Jones wants kids to learn while they are having fun everyday inside and outside of the classroom.

Mr. Jones came up with his ideas for his children’s books while teaching elementary students about health, nutrition and P.E. skills. He couldn’t find any books at the library or online that promoted health, body movements, healthy food choices or exercise to his students, and a few students said, “Coach Jones you should write a book because it would be good!” …. so he did (so far he has written and published three books)… and his children’s books have received 5star reviews and been highly recommended by students, parents and many teachers.

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Children's Fitness And Health books

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Best selling children’s books series about two young children (Tommy and Abby) helping their small, beach community called Pismo! The books promote health, exercise, teamwork and fun to young readers of all ages.

Healthy Habits Kids Books
Children's Fitness And Health books
Healthy Habits Kids Books